Vw Golf 4 R32 Smacks Into Honda S2000 At The Band

Apparently so. http://www.carbuzz.com/news/2014/8/29/What-the-Hell-Were-They-Thinking-Cadillac-Cimarron-7722256/

The World's Greatest Homemade Lift

This is why you don't go to the Ring if you're scared to actually drive fast. Watch this S2000 crawling about the track when a Golf comes around the bend flat out. The driver of the R32 has very little time to mitigate the slowpoke in front of him and hits the brakes in an attempt to prevent the inevitable. It doesn't work, hitting the Honda from behind, but he does a pretty good job preventing a more serious accident from happening. Some may argue support for the Honda, by citing his right of way. Regardless, this is what happens when you put a handful of amateurs on a track at the same time. http://www.carbuzz.com/news/2014/8/29/VW-Golf-4-R32-Smacks-Into-Honda-S2000-at-The-Ring-7722280/

The Next Nissan Leaf Won't Look Like a Golf Cart

The World's Greatest Homemade Lift Videos Offbeat Garages Invention Let's hope he has a patent on this invention. William Golding, the Nobel Prize-winning author of Lord of the Flies, once said "the greatest ideas are the simplest." To support Golding's assertion, we give you the example demonstrated in the following video. It shows a homemade lift built by a welder who had a bit of spare time on his hands. The shape of the device is such that it requires no external power source. It is simplicity itself, with no unnecessary parts or complicated operating procedures. However, if you do plan on making one of these yourself, it's probably best to remember that this guy makes it looks easy, and if you lack the necessary experience, it could end in tragedy. http://www.carbuzz.com/news/2014/8/29/The-World-s-Greatest-Homemade-Lift-7722242/

What the Hell Were They Thinking: Cadillac Cimarron

We also know that the second-generation model is due to arrive sometime in 2017. Nissan is promising even greater range thanks to a new and more powerful battery. For owners who are currently using their Leafs for the basic daily commute, the EV serves their needs just fine. But with the introduction of the Tesla Model S , it's now clear an EV doesn't have to look like a golf cart. http://www.carbuzz.com/news/2014/8/29/The-Next-Nissan-Leaf-Won-t-Look-Like-a-Golf-Cart-7722264/