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Mom's wedding day will be here on Sunday May 12, this is not too far away, therefore it is time for you to help make your plans. A float trip for the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon is the perfect getaway however you need to get your seats early being that they are so popular and passengers are restricted to 19 per raft. You have several options when it comes to raft tours, but it doesn't matter what package you ultimately choose, your mom is sure to like it.

It’s a time of year in the event the cargo around the cross channel ferries is definitely worth more compared to the ferry itself. Many locals line the street and watch the steady procession down to the venue affectionately referred to as La Sarthe. If you haven’t worked it, I’m referring to the city of Le Mans, 3 hours in land from the northern coast of France where they contain the most popular motor race on Earth called Les Vingt Quatre Heures Du Mans. If you can’t speak French then that’s the Le Mans 24 Hours endurance race for you and me.

The most famous attraction in Dover is the White Cliffs that stretch along coastline from the region. The white cliffs have witnessed many historical wars and protected the continent against invasion for quite some time. Many secret tunnels were built 15 feet below the cliffs, which give shelter and security for people that defended the continent. The tunnels were expanded in the Napoleonic wars, as well as today, visitors can feel the atmosphere from the Second World War.