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A new analysis in the New England Journal of Medicine concludes Obama may not be able to salvage Obamacare if the Supreme Court invalidates its tax credits.

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TPM Reader SB shares a story you will want to read ... I wanted to add a potentially unusual perspective on your questions about the movement sparked by the police murders: I'm a white millennial (28 years old) whose first cousin, a 16-year-old Hispanic male (adopted by my aunts in New Mexico shortly after birth) was shot dead by a policeman early this summer in then-mysterious circumstances. (Some Googling will get you to the story quickly enough; for your sake, here's an article .) Let me tell you, the questions NEVER go away, even in this case, where we have a pretty clear sense of what happened and it's intellectually easy to understand why it happened. I'm confident that everyone in my extended family is somewhere on a spectrum from "isn't there some other way the officers could have handled it?" to "this is absolutely murder in cold blood." And I think we all to a certain extent ask: isn't there a reasonable case that a jury should decide the answers in public?

TPM Reader: My Cousin Was Shot Dead by Police in New Mexico

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Benghazi Derp Monster Consumes Itself

We seem to be at that point (again) where a Republican committee chair has to defend a congressional report from attacks from fellow Republicans because the reports didn't match what they were hearing on Limbaugh or