Leo Keep It Low Key Within A Particular Date

So, are we the only ones who imagine DiCaprio spending the next few days serenading the starlet with a favorite ditty from the concert, dubbing each one "their song"? Maybe he'll opt for something anvil-licious like "Signed, Sealed, Delivered I'm Yours," "I Just Called to Say I Love You" or "You Are the Sunshine of My Life"? Or could he mess with her head and start humming "Part-Time Lover"? Inquiring minds want to know. http://wonderwall.msn.com/movies/gossip-romance-report-for-july-26-wonder-ful-night-out-for-leo-and-blake--14067.gallery

Splitsville for Alexander Skarsgard and Kate Bosworth

But the romance has long been dogged by talk of trouble. Breakup whispers began last fall after the wispy starlet, 28, supposedly got reacquainted with the lips of an old high school boyfriend (she denied it). The rift rumors reignited in March, when Us claimed they'd "hit a rough patch." "They’ve been fighting a lot about stupid stuff," tattled a source. http://wonderwall.msn.com/movies/gossip-splitsville-for-alexander-skarsgard-and-kate-bosworth-14093.gallery

Mehboob Ki Song HD Video and Lyrics Ft. Bipasha Basu and Imraan Abbas – Creature 3D

0 Mehboob Ki Song HD Video and Lyrics Ft. Bipasha Basu and Imraan Abbas – Creature 3D - Here is the another song from the movie Creature 3D. The monster thriller movie that many of you might want to watch. One of the first creation of the Bollywood into Monster thriller and therefore the curious among people to watch might be high. This is the main factor that will attract good number of people to the theaters while Bipasha Basu only as the big star in the movie. We are with the lyrics and HD video of the song below. http://moviesboxoffice.in/mehboob-ki-song-hd-video-and-lyrics-ft-bipasha-basu-and-imraan-abbas-creature-3d/

Kat Von D storms out of an interview over Jesse clip

Although Egyptians constitute the second largest contingent of foreign fighters in Syria and Iraq, the outing of some self-declared soccer fans-turned-Islamist fighters like Younes, a 22-year old student at Cairo's citadel of Islamic learning at Al Azhar University, who joined the Islamic State (IS) the jihadist group that controls a swath of Syria and Iraq, fails to prove the ultras' association as a group with terrorism. More alarming for Mr. Al Sisi is the cooperation between IS and Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis, a Sinai-based group that has killed hundreds of members of the Egyptian security forces over the last year. "We will not be able to change the situation in Egypt from inside, but Egypt is to be opened from abroad," Younes said in a Facebook interview with Reuters speaking as an Islamist fighter rather than a soccer fan. James M. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/james-dorsey/egypts-banning-of-ultras_b_5776282.html

Egypt's banning of ultras constitutes effort to outlaw legitimate opposition

(Watch the clip here .) "Dear GoodDayLA, thanks for the waste of a perfectly good morning," Kat tweeted a short time later. "Lack of compassion n respect for eachother never fails to dissapoint me. ... It's the nature of this very ugly beast." Speaking of ugly things, Radar Online claims James and Von D had a "blowout fight" outside her Los Angeles home on Monday afternoon. "They were outside and I could hear them fighting. http://wonderwall.msn.com/tv/gossip-romance-report-for-july-27-tantrums-and-bad-timing-14101.gallery