Blue Carbon Vitesse Forsale In Asia

Blue Carbon Veyron Vitesse For Sale in Japan Bugatti Convertible Japan One-off Supercars For Sale Blue and black gloss carbon finish makes this a stunningly unique machine.

A Road Rage Match Made In Heaven

Here to show that it’s not just Russian dash cams that capture drivers behaving badly, we give you the following video from Taiwan. It’s an example of the kind of asinine behavior that road rage-fueled arrogance can drive (absolutely no pun intended) you to. Two drivers are seen fighting for the same lane, each absolutely refusing to give up an inch. The height of stupidity is when the driver of the Audi , the much more expensive car, starts ramming the other one. He perhaps doesn’t realize that he is hurting himself much more than the Suzuki owner, or perhaps he just doesn’t care.

Lamborghini Reveals How Asterion’s Hybrid System Works

Mansory Introduces Ferrari 458 Speciale Program Ferrari Mansory Supercars Styling "Carbon details spring everywhere to the eye,” says the aftermarket firm. While the Ferrari 458 Speciale Aperta remains the talk of the Paris Motor Show , supercar tuner Mansory has unveiled its latest program designed for the hardcore drop top’s fixed roof sibling. While there’s no mention of upgrades to the 605-hp 4.5-liter V8, Mansory has revealed a carbon-fiber aerodynamic body kit made up of a new spoiler, aggressive rear bumper diffuser, new winglets, front lip, new side skirts and modified air vents. Pricing and availability details have yet to be announced. Share

Mansory Introduces Ferrari 458 Speciale Program

In it you’ll be gripped by how the steering-wheel mounted “Zero” button enables drivers to disengage the 610-hp 5.2-liter V10, allowing the concept to cruise relying solely on the 300-hp worth of electric motors, with a 31-mile range and 78-mph top speed.