4. Dumb To $14.1m

Stupid and Dumber To PG-13, 1 hr 49 minimum Humor 2,974 Fan Ratings inform us where you are searching for film tickets? Enter your location to find out which movie theaters are currently playing Dumber and Idiotic To near you. ENTER ZERO OR CITY, CONDITION Share on Facebook Share on Facebook Reveal on Google+ Share on Pinterest Dumb and Dumber To Summary Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels reprise their signature jobs as Lloyd and Harry while in the sequel for the smash hit that took the actual humor and knocked it in the insane: Dumb and Dumber To. The first film’s owners, Bobby Farrelly and Peter, take... Boston Globe into this dumber, more silly regularly interesting reprise with an excitement that’s infectious, and never in a lowgrade has piled By Burr Everyone... http://www.fandango.com/dumbanddumberto_170279/movieoverview?wssaffid=11830&wssac=123

1. The Hunger Activities: Mockingjay - Aspect 1 1.9M

Interstellar PG-13 , 2 hr 49 minute Motion/Adventure IMAX ACCESS WITH PURCHASE Obtain tickets and you could head to the frontier of house! NECESSARY. CONDITIONS USE. http://www.fandango.com/interstellar_163452/movieoverview?wssaffid=11830&wssac=123

5. Gone Gal $2.8M

Not what i estimated By keemland it would appear that they wished to prolong the movie to generate more money without true research once and for all actions... Bittersweet time... Through helping to make me intensely sad, by abigailrodas36 My purchase wont go... but extremley excited about the flick. http://www.fandango.com/thehungergames:mockingjaypart1_159275/movieoverview?wssaffid=11830&wssac=123

3. Interstellar $15.3M

Going Stone By Peter Travers David Fincher's surprisingly good movie model of Removed Woman could be the date-night video of the decade for couples who imagine destroying one... Chicago Tribune By Michael Phillips David Fincheris picture type of the Gillian bestseller Eliminated Gal is a stealthy, snakelike accomplishment. It is everything the guide was... Chicago Suntimes By Richard Roeper The editing, with so many and numerous turns and turns supporting figures is without hiccups. And luckily, there’s... http://www.fandango.com/gonegirl_170277/movieoverview?wssaffid=11830&wssac=123

2. Large Idol 6 $20.1M

Therefore unbelievably satisfied it existed around my expectations! http://www.fandango.com/bighero6_170064/movieoverview?wssaffid=11830&wssac=123